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How can Australasian Project Planning help?

Preferred Method

Australasian Project Planning’s preferred method is to use Turbo-Chart to append additional data onto existing Programmes/Schedules.

This method allows continued use of the traditional tools, and provides a cost and time effective solution in preparing Time Location Reports.

Programme/Schedule Development

Australasian Project Planning can provide selected assistance in general preparation of Programmes/Schedules for the purpose of presenting Time Location Reports.

Time Location Report Preparation

Australasian Project Planning can prepare Time Location Reports using existing Programmes by appending the additional data, and using Turbo-Chart to present the graphical outputs

Scenario comparisons and/or progress updates can also be produced effectively after the initial programme is appended with Linear Schedule data.


Australasian Project Planning can assist in developing capabilities in Time Locaiton Reporting including Licence sales, User Training and User Support

More Info

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