Westconnex Stage 2 Tender


Stage 2 of Westconnex – The New M5 – will run from the existing M5 East corridor at Beverly Hills via tunnel to St Peters, providing improved access to the airport, south Sydney and Port Botany precincts.

  Location: Sydney, Australia

  Value: $5bn

  Project Timeframe: Mid 2016 – 2019


  Leighton Dragados Samsung Joint Venture

  February – March 2015


Australasian Project Planning assisted the Westconnex Stage 2 Tender with the following services

Programme Development

Development of:

  • Design Programme
  • Detailed Construction for specific construction elements

Schedule Risk Analyses

  • Development of Schedule Risk Register from overall project risk register.
  • Seven major analyses, each with multiple scenarios.

Time Chainage Reporting

Representation of risk adjusted schedules as comparison to deterministic project schedule, shown in Time Chainage format.

More Information

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