While there are many great tools now available to analyse and present P6 schedule metrics (such as XER Schedule Toolkit) in great detail, there is a quick and easy method to run a limited number of these checks within P6 itself,

Showing P6 Activity Counts

P6 Activity views allow the display of a column titled “Activity Count”, by having this column displayed, select this column along with enabling the “Show Group Totals”  option in Grouping and Sorting (see diagram below), P6 ACTCOUNT01 P6 ACTCOUNT02 P6 can count activities by any selection of data Groups.this can include:
  • By WBS or Activity Code groups
  • By Calendars
  • ByPrimary Constraint Type
  • By Toal Float vale
In fact any data field that can be grouped, can also then count. and by using nested Grouping and Sorting, and also filtering, the Activity Count can be a powerful, easy and quick method of analysing your P6 Schedule P6 ACTCOUNT03

Other P6 Activity Counts

P6 activity counts can also be used in the WBS view (as shown below) P6 ACTCOUNT04 Finally, the P6 report wizard offers Counts that cannot be accessed through any of the normal P6 views (some examples below). P6 ACTCOUNT05