Specialist Project Planning Services
Construction and Engineering Organisations

Graphical Path Planning

Graphical Path Planning uses Netpoint® and GPM scheduling to offer an visual, innovative and collaborative approach to project planning, scheduling and schedule risk analysis.

Schedule Risk Analyses

Schedule Risk Analysis is a method for analysing and managing time related risks on such projects.

Time Location Reporting

Time Location Schedule Reporting provides a visual representation of project schedules, ideally suited to Linear Projects

Project Planning and Scheduling

Australasian Project Planning can provide a range of services covering Project Planning, Programming (Scheduling) and Controls.

Turbo Chart

Download Turbo Chart and
trial for 14days for free.

Products & Tools

More Information on Products & Tools Licensing, Training and Support.

Products & Tools

More Information on Products & Tools Licensing, Training and Support.


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RISK2016 Conference

Come visit the Safran Risk booth at the RISK2016 Conference, Swissotel Sydney, Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 May, Sydney, Australia. Australasian Project Planning and Salcon Petroleum Services will be hosting the booth, feature Safran Risk and and demonstrating the latest...

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QRA Simulation

Quantitative Risk Analysis Simulation Quantitative Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis often uses the Monte Carlo method of simulation to model the impacts of various risks. By using variable rather than fixed (deterministic) values, the simulation generates random values...

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