Australasian Project Planning exhibited at the AIPM Regional Conference, providing information on Safran Risk and Netpoint

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Schedule Levels and Schedule Silos

A timely LinkedIn post by Kul Bhushan Uppal, served as a reminder on the purpose of schedule levels and issues around the use of these. What are Schedule Levels? AACEi Recommended Practice (RP) 27R-03 - Schedule Classification System, provides a useful definition:...
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Linear Schedules and Calendars

When presenting Linear Schedules, the rate of progress across the physical units is a key factor in representation, for example if a tunnel excavation is to be shown as progressing at 5m/day then you would expect that after ten days of work, the activity has...
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Schedule Risk Analyses – not just the tip of the iceberg

Analyses: the plural of analysis. INTRODUCTION Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA) is well established as a...
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What are some useful Schedule Metrics?

Disclaimer Firstly I'll preface this article with a big disclaimer -...
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Using P6 Activity Counts to review your schedule

While there are many great tools now available to analyse and present P6 schedule metrics (such as XER Schedule Toolkit) in great detail, there is a quick and easy method to run a limited number of these checks within P6 itself, Showing P6 Activity Counts P6 Activity...
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